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Wacky Wallscapes creates fun, exciting, and very high quality wall coverings, wallpaper and murals for children‘s areas. We specialize in churches, daycare facilities, schools, medical offices, hospitals and residential applications. Our extensive library of unique children‘s themed art is second to none and we can accommodate the smallest of projects to entire buildings. We are located in Oldsmar, Florida and ship our product throughout the world.

Bryan Barry


For over ten years Bryan Barry was the shop manager for a commercial arts studio in Oldsmar, Florida. Bryan was in charge of the large themed custom projects that the company produced. He came up with the idea of reproducing the fun and exciting artwork that was being hand painted on a wall to a covering material, in a high resolution format so that everyone could enjoy this artwork.

Bryan knew he had to find a material that was durable enough to hold up in high traffic areas such as hallways and classrooms and after a year of research and testing, he found the perfect product. He helped to compile the Wacky Wallscapes library of high-resolution artwork and developed a product that fits everyone‘s budget and wall application needs. Wacky Wallscapes products now appear in hundreds of churches, hospitals and daycare centers throughout the United States and abroad

Rene Barry


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